Monash Counselling Services

Monash Counsellors will listen without judgement, no issue is too big or too small. Appointments can be made online, over the phone, or by going directly to the health services desk.

Counsellors can assist you with:

  • Finding the cause of a problem
  • Solutions and ways to cope
  • Resources or other services if needed

The University also offers online counselling which involves contacting a counsellor via email.

Counselling help online is useful if you are:

  • not in a crisis, but want some help with a problem
  • are a bit nervous about seeing a counsellor or can't get to campus to see a counsellor

Call: 9905 3020
Location: 21 Chancellors Walk, Campus Centre, Ground floor. (just opposite juice point).

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The safer Community Unit is a central point of enquiry for information, advice and support in managing inappropriate concerning or threatening behaviours. Safer Community Staff will provide leadership and support in all stages of responding to complex and sensitive situations.

9am - 5pm

Call: 9905 1599

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Monash offers a mindfulness program to help reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms, increase resilience and peace of mind and enhance cognitive performance e.g. concentration, memory and processing speed.

These programs range from lunchtime drop in meditation sessions to mindfulness sessions for academic success.

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