Hi everyone, and welcome to Monash University! My name is Sebastian (he/him), and I am your elected MSA President for 2023. The Monash Student Association (MSA) is the representative body for every student at Monash Clayton. It is the largest student union in the country and is run by wide-range of elected students and professional staff, who represent all genders, races, religions, sexualities, abilities and experiences. We are all here to assist you in your journey through university and at every step of your student experience. I am proud to be your president for 2023, and excited for the year to come!

The President is the chair of the Monash Student Council (MSC) and Executive.

They are the official spokesperson for the MSA, are responsible for the day-to-day management and provide strategic direction for the organisation. The President is responsible for negotiating with the University, liaising with the National Union of Students (NUS) and managing the public affairs of the organisation.

They are subject to the direct of MSC and work closely with MSA and University staff to ensure that student interests and the student experience are being advocated for and championed at all levels of governance.


Sebastian (he/him)
(03) 9905 3141

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