First Year Chats

Unsure how to student? Want to hear the in’s and out’s from current Monash Students? Join online for MSA Chats: First Year Q&A where you and other new Monash students can talk to current students about anything Monash and beyond.

When: 18/07 2 – 4PM

Where: Online

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This session is a safe space for new students to interact with new and current students and talk about anything from sports, news or campus life. Whatever you want to ask, we are all ears!

What you need:

  • Computer with video & audio capabilities
  • Internet access
  • Zoom
  • Zoom account

All of our facilitators have completed Mental Health First Aid and/or completed Changing Minds Online Training and Monash Stress Management Online Training.

Please Note: The following rules are listed and must be adhered by all facilitators and student participants:

Be currently enrolled at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

  • Be a friendly person.
  • Have an understanding of the diversity of the student experience at Monash University.
  • Be encouraging and supportive of all students.
  • Be an eager participant.
  • Be respectful to all Monash students and staff members.
  • Participants will understand that they joined in for the full session.
  • There is an understanding that there is no obligation from participants and that silence is acceptable
  • The session is designed to be a group session, but if someone truly needs to talk privately, one of the facilitators may choose to use the zoom breakout room option, or alternatively a separate session at a later date. If the later is chosen, there may be 2 facilitators joining the session.
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