Do Not Collect $200

  • 9th October 2019 -
    19th October 2019
  • MUST Space

    Ground Floor West, 21 Chancellors Walk (Campus Centre), Monash University, Clayton

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Monash Uni Student Theatre presents

Created by Harley Hefford with a team of contributing MUST creatives
Assistant Director Kate Speakman
Lead Writer Aleksandr Corke
Hasbro Inc. invites you to their new bar, Hasglo™ at Monash University, Clayton for the launch of their new and exciting game: Monopoly Life!

In the beloved original version, all you had to do was roll a dice and move your piece around the board. But this time around in Hasbro’s new and exciting version, you will be given a personality and will have to work hard to increase your economic and social media status. Unmasking your true self may be part of the work. Luckily, the more you have, the easier it is to increase your wealth. Sadly, as the rich get richer, the poor get the picture. It’s all yours, if you can afford it!

An immersive promenade theatre adventure that’ll leave you with something to think about. In this live-action game of Monopoly, you can visit the bank, go to jail or compete for a high- flying job. Dazzling performances exist within this world of one-on-one experiences and installations as Do No Collect $200 explores the social and mental effect of capitalism on our society. You will be presented with a world that will push you to your mental and physical limits to prove that you are the best competitor. Will you suffer the guilt of acquiring an outrageous fortune, or take arms against the injustices of inequality?

Dates: Weds 9 – Sat 12 & Tues 15 – Sat 19 Oct 7.30pm
Post-show Q & A Friday 18 Oct
MSA $15 | Conc $17 | Full $21

The MUST Space, Grnd Flr West, Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk, Monash University (Clayton)
Search ‘The MUST Space’ on Google Maps

Content note – Participatory Theatre Safety Notice:

This is an interactive show which involves you sitting at a table with four others, like you might at a trivia night. If you’re coming with friends, you can opt to be seated with them. You’ll be directed to experiences in sectioned-off areas of the theatre. Some of these are one-on-one with an actor, some are in small groups. These require some level of participation, for example, a casino where you play blackjack with a dealer or even an office scene where you’re invited to dance wildly. You could still have a great time without doing any of the experiences; you could enjoy the workplace without, in fact, dancing wildly. It will be made clear at the beginning of an experience what it entails and you’re free to say a happy ‘no’ and return to your table.

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