Reformations and Remedies for Those Who Live in Cities

  • 7th September 2017 -
    16th September 2017
  • MUST Space

    Ground Floor, Campus Centre.

This is an invitation. For those who are searching and finding, For those who are struggling and fighting. For those who are burning and rebuilding, This is a reformation and a remedy, For those who live in cities.

An immersive, promenade experience directed and Curated by Amber Bock & James Malcher

Ironically, as our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is becoming more difficult to forge moments of genuine human connection. Our days are filled with a seemingly unconquerable stream of white noise and distraction; we rarely make time to savour our shared impressions.

This piece brings together an eclectic group of talented young artists with a vision of a different kind of collective experience – a vision of creating surprising, shared moments of connection for their participating audience.

An immersive, promenade performance piece, R & R will encompass a fascinating range of forms and styles, scattered through the landscape of the audience’s walk-through journey – a journey that will explore their place in our changing world.

So come join us. Our door is always open, there is room at our table and plenty to share.

Thurs, 7 Sep: 7pm
Fri, 8 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Sat, 9 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Tue, 12 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Wed, 13 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Thurs, 14 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Fri, 15 Sep: 6pm and 8pm
Sat, 16 Sep: 6pm and 8pm

Duration: approx 80 mins
Opening night: Thursday, 7 September, 7pm
Post-show Q & A with the artists: Tuesday 12 September, following the 8pm show

Bookings online or via the MSA Desk
Enquiries via MUST: 9905 8173

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