Women’s Week

  • 4th September 2017 -
    8th September 2017

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Monday, September 4

10-11am: Morning Tea* ~come for the snacks, stay for the conversation~

2-4pm: Crafternoon* ~learn to knit or crochet, fill in a colouring book or help make a poster to decorate the women’s room~

4-5pm: Bellydancing Demonstration ~come learn about the history of belly-dancing and learn a few moves~

Tuesday, September 5

12-2pm: Women’s BBQ

Wednesday, September 6

1-2pm: WWIIDE* (Women With Invisible Illnesses and Disability Experiences) workshop and discussion group ~join the conversation as we discuss issues and experiences surrounding disability~

2-3pm: Zoom In (short film on disability and microaggressions) and discussion group ~learn about microaggressions and their impact~

Thursday, September 7

11am-12pm: Menstrual hygiene product Q&A ~everything you’ve ever wanted to know about menstrual cups and period undies~

3-5pm: Embrace (film screening on body image and self-love) ~ brought to you in collaboration with MUISS (there will be food)~

Friday, September 8:

1pm: Q2* ~a discussion group for women who identify as queer or questioning~

4-5pm: Dance class ~learn some basics of contemporary dance!~

*this event is held in the women’s room and/or is an autonomous event

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