26th October 2018

What should I read? Short Stories

We all know the feeling of getting sucked into a good book and losing hours curled up on the couch… but life can be busy, and sometimes you just don’t have the time! Short stories are a great way to get in a quick literary fix between study sessions, work & other commitments. Check out some of our newest titles, or browse popular titles by sub-genre below.

“Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” – Neil Gaiman

What should I read? Short Stories

New at SURLY

How to Love a Jamaican: Stories – Alexia Arthurs

“There is a way to be cruel that seems Jamaican to me.”

Alexia Arthurs examines the complexities of life in the Jamaican diaspora, painting a portrait of a nation and its people. There’s a world-famous popstar, hiding away in her mother’s home; a mother and son, reuniting for the first time in eight years; a teenaged girl, whose exasperated parents send her to live with her grandmother in Jamaica; a privileged young student, whose upbringing has blinded her to the harsh realities of racism. This vibrant, continent-crossing collection of eleven short follows the lives of Jamaican immigrants from all walks of life, and holds a true fondness for the nation and its people.

The King Is Always Above the People: Stories – Daniel Alarcón

“Life has a way of punishing brave boys like you. Life has a way of making brave boys like you punish themselves. Particularly here. Where you live. You already know that.”

Migration. Betrayal. Exiles. Family secrets. Doomed love. Uncertain futures. These are stories about people in transition – a young gang member working to find forgiveness and redemption despite a life of violent crime; a man seeking a fresh start in a new city and struggling not to fall into old habits; a man trying to move on after a family crisis. Daniel Alarcón’s collection of short stories delves into the depths of human nature with a sense of urgency and eerie familiarity.

Meet Me at the Intersection – Rebecca Lim

“Literature without diversity paints a false image of what it is to be human. We invite you into our worlds. Meet us at the intersection.”

This anthology of short stories, poetry and Own Voice memoir explores the unique perspectives of talented authors from diverse backgrounds, including Ellen Van Neerven, Alice Pung, Rebecca Lim, and many more iconic names. Through these stories & poems, First Nations people, People of Colour, LGBT+ people and people living with disability represent themselves through their writing with honesty and creativity.

Five-Carat Soul – James McBride

“He didn’t look mad, but he didn’t look like Martin Luther King neither.”

James McBride is back in action with a dazzling and exhilarating collection of tales.
Abraham Lincoln visits a stable to grieve his dead son, and overhears an unexpected conversation; a young boy, Abe Lincoln, waits for his father (is his father the President?) to return from war; animals in a zoo discuss their pre-zoo lives, and their philosophies of reincarnation and the order of life. Told with his trademark blend of whimsy and sharp satire, these stories observe the infinite variety of human relationships – and throw in some unexpected narrative surprises too.


What should I read? Short Stories

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