14th February 2020

Safe & Sexy Week 2020

Safe & Sexy Week is a four-day series of events encompassing themes such as sexual health, consent, sexual pleasure and body positivity.

The purpose of this week is to help break down the stigma associated with these topics, and to create an engaging and safe space for people to come together to learn and have conversations.

Some events during the week include:

Disco Breakfast (30th March)

The Disco Breakfast event is about consent on the dancefloor/music environments and releasing those early morning endorphins to start the day! DJ Rizk will be playing some funky tunes, there will be lots of delicious breakfast food available and of course, a big disco ball… so bring some friends and come have a morning boogie.

Sexual Health Panel (31st March)

The Sexual Health panel will run on Tuesday evening, featuring a diverse range of panelists sharing their knowledge and expertise on all things relating to sexual health, intimacy, relationships and bodies. There is also an opportunity to ask questions on the night in a Q&A whilst enjoying some food and drinks.

Wednesday Session (1st April)

An exclusive for Safe & Sexy Week featuring a female act (to be announced) and a variety of marquees which will include Family Planning Victoria and Respectful Communities. Be sure to come along to the Lemon Scented Lawns and learn about consent to earn yourself some fries, as well as soak up the sun and music.

Sexual Pleasure Workshop (2nd April)

Hosted by Elisa Caro, this event will focus on the anatomy and mindfulness of sexual pleasure, and will be a safe space for learning, discussion and sharing. Feel free to bring your partner or a friend along!

Be sure to follow the MSA Women’s Department on Instagram (@msawomen), Facebook (@MSA.Womens) or shoot us an email as msa-womens@monash.edu for more information.

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