28th May 2018

Your MSA, Working for You!

Your MSA, Working for You!

Wednesday Sessions

This MSA has been committed to the return of live music on campus.

Since O-Week, we’ve delivered.

The lemon scented lawns this semester have been graced with the presence of your favourite Triple J bands – from Smith Street Band to ASTA – and a hell of a lot of Furphy.

Throughout the semester, thousands of students have cracked a bev, enjoyed some tunes and taken a break from the rigours of academic success.

Your MSA is here to better your campus life. An active community here at Clayton makes the long nights over SWOTVAC and the three hour labs that much more bearable.

Thats why we are committing to continuing Wednesday Sessions, with bigger and better gigs all through semester two.


Your MSA, Working for You!

Free Food Monday’s

Free food on campus, how could you say no?

For many students, today’s cost of living makes having three solid meals a day really difficult. This MSA is committed to ensuring better welfare outcomes for Monash students.

Since day one, we have delivered.

Free Food Mondays, an MSA program which provides free dinner to any student every Monday, is thriving.

More students are engaging with this service, and the MSA, than ever before. Our welfare team are committed to ensuring that Monash students are healthy, happy and well fed.

We can’t easily fix the major factors that make the cost of living so high, but we can implement programs, like free food Monday’s, that make it easier to get by.

We have increased the budget for Free Food Mondays to cope with increasing demand and are looking to further expand this service into semester two.


Your MSA, Working for You!

Sir John’s

For generations of Monash students, Sir John’s Bar has anchored student life.

Over recent years, Sir John’s has unfortunately faced a number of challenges. So we stepped in to save it.

While Monash students enjoyed their summer break, the MSA worked on refurbishing Sir John’s to bring it back to its former glory.

With great pride, we can announce that Sir John’s is back on track for its return to the Johns many of us once knew.

Brand new paint job, vinyl, pool table, menu and a terrific team of staff. Weekly live music with Thursdays @ Sir John’s.

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements before semester two, as we work with the Monash Engineering Students Society to bring back those highly affordable pots.

We will continue to work to keep Sir John’s as the heart of campus culture, and the best provider of Wedgeachos in the nation.

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