Sahil’s Aloo Takari

Approximate cooking time:
40 minutes

“This is recipe is quite special as it is a family one passed from my grandmother to my mother and now us. Not only is it a sign of my pride as a Fijian-Indian, but it is also a recipe that shows that being a vegetarian

does not mean you just have to eat salad haha. It is such a simple recipe to master and it actually started me on my journey of understanding how spice and seasoning works. But also the smells of the spices, while it can sometimes be overpowering, is absolutely euphoric.”


2 cloves of fresh garlic*
Thumb of Ginger*
Tsp of turmeric
1.5 tbsp Oil
1 onion
2 small tomatoes
2 potatoes
1 cup of green peas
Assorted spices
Cumin, Mustard seeds and fennel seeds
1 tsp Vegetable curry powder*

Curry leaves
Fresh chilli or chilli flakes


  • *1 tsp of garlic paste & 1 tsp of ginger paste can be used instead of using fresh garlic and ginger
  • *Half a tsp of regular curry powered can be used instead of vegetable curry powder

Medium sized pot
Mortar and pistol



DISCLAIMER: This recipe is all about individual interpretation. You can change the seasoning, the portion sizes etc. based on your personal preference and palette


  1. Chop up the potatoes and tomatoes. Up to you how fine you want them chopped. (however, remember the thinner they are the quicker they will cook)
  2. Chop the onions as well, but do not dice them
  3. Peel two cloves of garlic and a thumb piece of ginger
  4. Cut and finely chop the chilli
  5. Place the ginger, garlic and chilli into a mortar and pestle, and crush until you get a paste


  1. Get your pot and put it on medium heat
  2. Pour in 1.5 tbsp of oil into the pot and drop in the garlic, ginger and chilli paste
  3. After put a pinch of Cumin, Mustard seeds and fennel seeds into the pot.
  4. Quickly after put in your onions.
  5. Stir the onions and then leave caramelise
  6. Once the onions have slightly browned add in 1 tsp of turmeric and mix well
  7. Now chuck in the potatoes and stir thorough, but don't crush the potatoes
  8. Put on the lid and let it cook. Leave it for as long as you like for whether you want it to be soupy or not. The longer it is on the heat the less soupy it will be.
  9. After 10 to 15 minutes add the vegetable curry powder and stir well
  10. Now add 1 cup of peas and stir. If the curry is looking too dry for your liking you can add a little bit of hot water to reintroduce moisture into the pot
  11. Let this simmer for about 3 minutes then finally had your tomatoes and stir.

Finishing touches

  1. Add to salt to your liking
  2. And if you're feeling particular fancy. Chop up some coriander or spring onions and sprinkle it on top.

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