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MSA Trips and Events is a leadership and orientation program that was established in 1974. The program runs during non-semester periods and includes events like scavenger hunts, moonlight cinemas and Victoria based day trips. We are looking for leaders who wish to help new students socialise and find their feet, while also developing new skills and building social networks of their own.


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Join our Trips & Events Rosters (Stay Tuned)

The aim of this program is that volunteers progress to the Social Media Hosts, Mega Hosts, and MSA Trip Leaders.

If you have successfully completed between 1-3 seasons as a Mega Host, you can volunteer as a general volunteer once more or apply for an MSA Trips Leader role.

Volunteers who were suspended, demoted or removed from the C&E program or the MSA Volunteering Department cannot hold Host positions.


  • Trips & Events Calendar (2024 Coming Soon)
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  • Whatapp Chat (listed in each Trips & Events Rosters)

Note: Whatapp Chat is how we talk to one another and communicate events and activities. Email is rarely used during this program.


Apply for a C&S Leadership Role

MSA Trips & Events: Leadership Position and Task Descriptions Here


  • Apply now
    • 2 Points per hour for planning & meetings
    • 3 Points per post


  • Apply now
    • 3 Points per hour for planning & meetings
    • 4 Points per hour for hosting their events


  • Apply now
    • Summer Season Honorarium: $300 + Bonus of up to $200
    • Winter Season Honorarium: $300 + Bonus of up to $200



Requirements & Training


Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

Working with Children Checks is a requirement for all staff and volunteers at Monash University.

A photo of a volunteer’s current WWCC must be sent to the MSA Volunteer Officer (Madeleine.Bell@monash.edu). 

In-house C&E Training

General Volunteers (Hosts) will be provided event briefings via Whatapp and video recording. They will also be provided with a general T&E induction.

Mega Host and Leaders training will be presented by MSA Volunteering staff. 

Training regarding ‘get to know you’ games and instructions regarding C&E events and activities will be presented by C&E Mega Hosts.


Monash Respectful Communities Training

All C&E Volunteers must complete the following online Monash Respectful Communities training modules. 

Host training will include time at the end of the session to complete the following online modules:

The following training modules will be completed in the volunteer's personal time:

All Mega Hosts and C&E Leaders are recommended to complete the following Monash Respectful Communities training. It is a recommendation as this training is only provided face to face and may class with classes or work schedules:

Other Monash Training

All Mega Hosts and C&E Leaders must complete the following Monash training:

Other Training

All Mega Hosts and C&E Leaders are funded by the MSA Volunteering department to complete the following training:

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