Academic Progress Committees

What is an APC?

  • APC stands for Academic Progress Committee. APC is level 3 of Monash University’s ‘notice of unsatisfactory progress’.
  • You may be referred to an APC if:
    • In a 12 month period, you pass less than the required percentage of units/credit points (usually, failing more than 50% of units each semester; or, failed the same unit 3 times; or, failed the same compulsory unit twice; or failing to adhere to a previous faculty plan/recommendation to improve your study outcomes.
    • You are considered at risk of being unable to complete your course of study within the maximum period of enrolment. Maximum periods of enrolment: 
      • (3 year Bachelor degree × 2) + 2 = 8 years, 
      • (4 year double Bachelor degree x 2) + 2 = 10 years
      • (2 year Masters program x 2) + 2 = 6 years.
    • If you are unable to complete a work placement because the University's usual placement providers will not, for any reason other than there being an insufficient number of placements available, accept you. 

What are the possible outcomes from an APC?

  • Exclusion from a faculty.
  • Permission for continuation with enrolment with conditions placed on your enrolment (e.g. reduced study load).
  • Permission to continue with your enrolment without conditions placed on enrolment.
  • For international students - as you’re required to remain enrolled in a registered course, if you are excluded from your course, your visa may be cancelled.

So how do I prepare for an APC?

  • Gather evidence that showcases your hardship in your studies (e.g. letters from mental health professionals, GPs).
  • For mental and physical health conditions, the letter should include the formal diagnosis, an explanation of the condition, and how it likely impacted your study.
  • This letter should also include a treatment plan and outline the likely future impact on your studies
  • Other forms of acceptable evidence included any provided by any other professional, such as a social worker, lawyer and other professional assisting you with an issue impacting your wellbeing and/or study.
    • This worker should state the impact of the issue on the student and on your academic progress and the relevant dates that the student was affected.
  • Other forms include a death notice or certificate and police reports.
  • Statutory Declaration from you or other person with relevant information relevant to your past academic performance and/or likely future academic performance.
  • If you are registered with Disability Support Services (DSS), information obtained by you from DSS and information provided in your student response form should be brought to the meeting.
  • Original documents must be able to be verified.
  • Documents should be in English or with a translation to English.

In the Meeting

  • You will need to discuss:
    • Reasons for your academic issues last year.
    • Personal circumstances affecting your studies.
    • The way you tried to address your progress last year.
    • How you  intend to succeed in the future.
  • You can bring in one support person who can be another student, a Monash staff member, a MSA member, a close friend, or family member.
    • You need to provide details of the support member to the APC committee 2 business days before the hearing.
  • If you cannot physically attend the meeting, you can request to have a teleconference or video meeting.

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How will COVID-19 affect APCs?

  • From the Monash University websites, “Due to COVID-19, for the first academic progress assessment period, conditions on enrolment and academic progress committee hearings will occur only in exceptional circumstances.”

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