Fun Things to do at Home

Fabulous Online Museum Links

  • This wonderful flickr has hundreds of historical art! Spend some time flicking through and get inspired to get creative!
  • Explore The British Museum online! With a fabulous interface it takes you through the worlds timeline and allows you to seek interesting facts to suit your specific interests!
  • The British Museum also has a variety of informative and fun videos up on their youtube channel!
  • If you're missing nature this is the resource for you! This wonderful site has heaps of videos allowing you to take a virtual tour of the world's most beautiful natural attractions.
  • The Louvre website has a number of specific exhibition room tours! They’re wonderful check them out here.


  • Isol-Aid runs online music festivals every weekend in support of the Australian music industry. Check out their socials for set times and line-ups!

MSA Women’s Recommendations to Watch, Listen and Read!

TV Shows




  • Get some sun on your face! Going outside and getting a bit of sun helps your mood and sleep/wake cycle. Best done before 11am so you can avoid peak UV ray time.
  • Have an approximate routine: try to wake up and go to sleep at the same times, and have meals at the same times. Put other daily tasks somewhere in between, like taking a walk after breakfast, or doing a leisure activity after dinner.
  • Exercise: doing some exercise every day is a good idea, especially now. This can be as simple as a short walk or some stretching – and please make sure you don’t do more than your body can handle.
  • Get some fun into your days: have something fun planned every day, with bigger things planned for every now and then. Small things can involve watching TV or listening to music. Larger things can be a BBQ or a Zoom party. Feel free to treat yourself- some examples are buying kinetic sand (not just for the kids!) or nerf guns (please use eye protection). Stuffed animals or something you find aesthetically pleasing can also brighten your days.

Useful apps

These are all free apps for you to download and try out!

  • Happy Colour: a colour by numbers app, with no colour selection stress
  • Zombies, run!: despite the name,  you do not need to run! Walk or run to a story about a zombie outbreak, or try one of the at home workouts.
  • Habitica: keep organised by downloading this role playing, to-do list game where you have a character and earn coins when you complete tasks.
  • Insight timer: provides meditations and reflections from people all around the world. Give it a try - you might find something here that works for you!

MSA Online Service Programs

Bored at home and in need of something new to do? Check out the range of activities below:

  • Art Committee - Free Art Class: Free weekly art classes run via Zoom with screen reader support enabled
    Either purchase your own materials, or pick some up from outside the MSA Volunteer Lounge in Campus Centre (Level 1, 21 Chancellors Walk)
  • Art Competition and Exhibition: This competition, open to all Monash students, is aimed at encouraging you to explore your creative abilities and showcase your talents. Submissions of any media are welcome, excluding moving images, and will be showcased on the Monash Clayton Campus, in the Campus Centre Dining Hall (Level 1, 21 Chancellors Walk).
  • Book Club: Consider yourself a bookworm? Join in on weekly/fortnightly book discussions over Zoom, run by volunteers and coordinated by SURLY
  • Dance Mob: Want to learn the latest dance craze? Sign up for our weekly dance classes, taught by volunteer instructors over Zoom and based off youtube clips. Learn new dances every week!
  • Mindful Colouring: Mindful Meditation, followed by colouring in, run by Welfare Warriors. Beginning with a guided meditation run via zoom, stay on to enjoy some peaceful colouring in with other students. Colouring pages are available online, or picked up from outside the MSA Volunteer Lounge in Campus Centre (Level 1, 21 Chancellor’s Walk)
  • Music Drop-in: Get some help learning music by dropping into our free weekly music lessons run by volunteer coaches via Zoom. Available for a broad range of instruments
  • Netflix/Zoom watch parties: In collaboration with MSA’s Clubs and Societies, join in for live movie screenings, all from the comfort of your own.
  • Pet Show and Tell: Show off your favourite pet by joining our show and tell Zoom meetings, run and managed by volunteer facilitators.
  • Zoom Yoga: Free weekly Yoga sessions run by a volunteer instructor via Zoom.

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