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Help to reduce the approximate 40% of household waste sent to landfill with this easy-to-do practice at home! It also helps to create great soil for any potential veggie patches!

Tips for getting started:

  • Did you know: If you live within the city of Monash, you can claim a discounted compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bin via a Council rebate!! No better time to get started.
  • Don’t have space for a composting system? Locate a neighbour on sharewaste.com who is already composting & willing to take your kitchen scraps!

Veggie Garden

Having a veggie garden reduces your carbon footprint by reducing food miles, avoids pesticides and gives you a new relaxing past-time – what’s not to love! You’re supporting an ecosystem in your backyard, as well as becoming a fast favourite from your friends when you supply the home-grown goods! Even beginning small with a herb garden is a great place to start!

  • Top tip: Bunnings Warehouse also has some awesome online guides! Including ‘How To Design A Herb Garden’ at bunnings.com.au
  • Also, even for just a beginners guide in gardening, check out almanac.com or gardeningknowhow.com - this one even has tips on the specific veggies you’re planting!!

Reducing your impact on climate change

One of the biggest things you can do is eat for a climate-stable planet! This means both eating meat-free where you can, as well as reducing your food waste (see composting above)

  • Also - don’t let isolation curb your capacity to be a positive activist! Let your local MP know that you demand action on climate change, by sending them a letter - you definitely now have the time to!
  • Stay tuned for an upcoming ESJ cookbook which provides comprehensive meat-free meals! Moreover, visit meatfreemondays.com for some great recipes!

Saving Water whilst at home

Did you know simply by using a cold cycle on your wash, you can save up to $115? Also, using mulch or pots for you plants can reduce evaporation by up to 70%! For further tips, visit urbanwater.melbourne.vic.gov.au

Saving Energy whilst at Home

Save money whilst helping the earth – why not!?

  • Visit the aef.com.au for 7 ways that you can lower your energy bills whilst safe at home!

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