Sexual Harm and Family Violence Support

Sexual Harm

  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1800 806 292
  • She’s a CrowdThis site allows you to disclose an instance of sexual harassment/assault or any other instance of abuse anonymously online so you feel less alone. With these stories, data is collected which provides evidence to prevent gender-based violence. This is not a platform however to seek out help, if you are needing a support service refer to other resources listed here.
  • Sexual Assault Reporting Anonymously (SARA). This site allows you to report a sexual assault anonymously to the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA). Information can include when and where the incident took place and a description of the offender. 
  • South East Centre Against Sexual AssaultSECASA offers a range of services, including counselling for victims/survivors of sexual assault and family violence. 
    • 24ht Crisis Support: 1800 806 292 
    • Enquiries: 9928 8741

Abusive Relationships and Family Violence 

  • 'Ask Someone'. Website designed to help you or someone you know who has experienced family violence in any form, or used violence against a family member, seek free professional support and information 24/7.

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