Wellbeing Tips and Tricks

Managing your mental health can often be quite an individual experience, however there are certain ways that can be helpful and supportive more broadly. These can include:

  • Journaling/writing down how you may be feeling, or just what you have been doing
  • Calling a friend or family member, stay connected
  • Going for a walk in nature and (hopefully) the sunshine
  • Doing something creative such as painting, drawing, crafts, writing
  • Moving your body in some capacity and keeping active, whether that be doing a high intensity workout, yoga, going for a run or stretching
  • Cooking something that you enjoy and feel comfort in making
  • Watching or listening to something that makes you laugh and brings you joy
  • Switching off from social media/online news for periods of time
  • Ensure that you are getting plenty of quality sleep

There is no need to have a million different ways to support your mental health - trial some tips out, pick a handful that work and try to implement them into your life in a consistent way that creates a positive impact for you! It can sometimes be a longer process, but stick with it and make sure that you are prioritising and looking after your mental health as best you can during these times. And never be afraid to reach out to the support services available here.

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