Disability Support Services and Res

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services are available for all students with a disability, ongoing medical condition or mental health condition.

Phone: 9905 5704
Email: disabilitysupportservices@monash.edu

MSA Disabilities and Carers

  • MSA Disabilities and Carers Department is a collective community of disabled students and carers advocating for a safe and inclusive environment within Monash University.
  • The MSA’s Disability and Carers Department is for you if you are; disabled, neurodivergent, chronically ill, mentally ill, invisibly disabled or a carer. Give their socials a follow to keep up with all D&C’s events and initiatives.
  • Instagram and Facebook: @MSA.Disabilities

Scholarships, Emergencies, Accessible Rooms and Support Animals

  • MRS offers several accommodation scholarships which can help those individuals who have a medical condition or disability. Check out Monash Scholarships to see if you are eligible for assistance.
  • The Hall’s leadership team is responsible for helping everyone exit the building safely, so if required, establishing an emergency plan with the leadership team is vital.
  • Accessible rooms are available in Urban Community. UC has larger entrances to other apartments, communal areas and floor lounges. Additionally, these rooms have rails in bathrooms and toilets, lower kitchen benches and wider shower and bathroom areas.
  • MRS has a no-pets allowed policy, however residents are able to individually notify MRS if they require a support-animal.

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