Food, Food and More Food

As residents, it is often hard to adjust to feeding yourself and maintaining a healthy and affordable diet. Here are some compiled tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting a nutritious start on your Res journey!

Where to shop

  • Pinewood Shopping Village: Pinewood is accessible and provides you with a Coles, Asian Supermarket, Duncans Liquor and plenty of other food options.
  • M-CITY MONASH: M-CITY has everything you need, with Woolworths, K-mart, Fruit and Veg Market, Asian Supermarkets and other food places.
  • Brandon Park: A 20 minute bus ride, Brandon Park has a Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Fresh Fruit and Veg Market.
  • Monash Merchant: The Merchant is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your needs! Located on College Walk just opposite Monash Sport, the Merchant is easy and accessible for all res-students.

Social Media Hacks

  • MSA.Instacook has recipes for meals made by students to ignite inspiration!
  • MSA.Freebies on Facebook and Insta keeps you up to date with all the free goodies being given away on campus.
  • Follow Hallscafemonash on insta and MRS Halls Cafe on FB to checkout Halls Cafe’s weekly menu.
  • Sign up to MSA+ to receive discounts off all your favourite food on campus and more (includes the McDonalds on Wellington Road; a famous post-Doolies special).
  • Monash Sausage Hunters Facebook page puts out updates when students find free food around campus, so make sure to join it!

Free Food

  • MSA Breakfast Club runs Week 1-12 on Wednesday mornings from 9-10.30 and provides a range of quick breakfast foods.
  • Free Food Mondays is an initiative run by MSA Welfare Department, join them from 6-8 every Monday at the Lemon Scented Lawns for free feed and good vibes!
  • Make sure to checkout Wholefoods in Campus Centre for some wholesome and affordable options, additionally keep your eyes peeled for Clubs and Societies tents on campus.
  • MSA Queer Department holds fortnightly LGBTea for queer and questioning students.
  • MSA Disabilities and Carers Department holds fortnightly morning teas at 11am on Wednesday for Disabled students and Carers.

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