Navigating Alcohol

Alcohol can be a difficult aspect of residential life. It’s important that at all times you feel safe in social situations, regardless of your choice to consume alcohol or not.

Monash Security

  • Monash has security officers on all campuses, available 24/7. For immediate response when feeling unsafe on campus call:
    • General Number: 9902 7777
    • Emergency Number: 9905 3333


  • Counselling can assist you in dealing with a range of issues, from loneliness and stress, to alcohol abuse and other problems. This service is free for students.

Attending events with Alcohol

It’s important to know that you don’t have to drink to have fun. You shouldn’t feel pressure from others to conform. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, try talking to a friend, RA or RSTO for advice.

  • If you do choose to drink, that’s fine! Make sure you know your limits on a night out and be mindful of others.
  • To ensure everyone is safe on a night out, try having a designated ‘buddy’ or group of friends, so everyone can get home safely.
  • A useful tip for keeping track of your alcohol consumption is to count your drinks! Make the call to cut yourself off when you reach your limit.

Navigating University Sober

Although it may feel awkward/uncomfortable if others are drinking and you aren’t, be confident in your decision! You shouldn’t feel as if you have to justify your reasoning to anyone.

  • Grab your favorite non-alcoholic drink for events and treat yourself to it (kombucha anyone…?!).
  • Just because you choose not to drink, this doesn’t exclude you from attending events with alcohol, you can definitely still have a boogie and a laugh!
  • Attend all your Hall’s non-alcoholic events, such as floor-outings, Hall Sport and Dinners, this allows you to get to know people within your hall.
  • Get involved on campus! This allows you to make friends from diverse backgrounds and expand your community.

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