Laptop Loans T&Cs

By utilising the Laptop Loan service, users agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Laptops are set up on the Monash network; any issues with login, network connection, or wi-fi can be directed to Monash e-Solutions.
  • Laptops are Monash University assets. User must abide by the Monash IT Acceptable Use Policy and other relevant Monash policies.
  • User takes responsibility for safe and proper usage, and must protect equipment from theft and/or damage.
  • User must notify staff immediately if equipment is damaged, lost, or malfunctioning.

Loan Administration

  • User must provide correct and updated contact information, and two (2) forms of personal photo ID including Monash Student ID. Photocopies of both will be held  to be photocopied by staff. Monash ID Card will be held by the library while the laptop is on loan.
  • Laptop must be returned 15 minutes before library closing time on day of issue, or previously-agreed return date, or upon request by staff. Laptops must be returned directly to the Library Service Desk, not through the returns chute.
  • User takes responsibility that late return, loss, damage, or improper use may result in fees, loss of privileges, or encumbrances (withholding of results). Laptops will be deemed lost if not returned within seven (7) days of the due date and subject to full replacement and administrative fees.


Last updated 01/05/2019. For any questions, please contact