Book Club

Do you love reading? Do you love chatting, ranting & learning about what you're reading?
Get involved in SURLY's Book Club!

MSA Book club is a fun, informal program run by student volunteers in Surly. Read, chat, and hang out with other booklovers... what could be better???

  • Fantasy

    • Mermaids, fairies, vampires, ghosts and ghouls. You're no fool, join the fantasy book club and be cool!
    • When: Tuesdays, 1pm
    • Where: in SURLY
  • General Fiction

    • All kinds of cool fiction!! We do fantasy, sci fi, cute fluffy queer romances, historical fiction - all sorts of interesting stories to chat about together.
    • When: Tuesdays, 11am
    • Where: in SURLY
  • Mysteries 

    • Dive into intrigue, where every page is a clue and each member is a master sleuth. Get lost in plots so twisty it can make you forget those dastardly assessments!
    • When: Thursday 1 pm
    • Where: in SURLY
  • Queer

    • If you are looking to connect with queer literature and other queer students this is the club for you! We cover a range of book genres that represent different queer identities and queer stories.
    • When: Wednesday, 12.30pm
    • Where: in SURLY
  • Retellings: Myths & Legends

    • Recent years has seen a new wave of fiction which takes world famous stories and turns them on their head. This reading group is for lovers of Madeline Miller and Jennifer Saint, Homer and Perrault. Join us in unravelling the twisted tales of Myths & Legends retold!
    • When: Fridays, 10.30am
    • Where: in SURLY

Click on the links to sign up and the facilitators of your book club will contact you directly via email.



Join us this Orientation week and meet the wonderful people that make up our book club community.
Ask questions and have enjoy with games, snacks and fun! 

Get your free tickets here: SURLY Book Club Launch Party!

  • When: Wed, 21 Feb 2024 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Where: SURLY (Student Union Recreational Library)Level 1 21 Chancellors Walk Clayton, VIC 3800 (click here for a map)


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