Music Chats

Did you know: Surly has over 4 turntables, 14 music-listening chairs, and 2500 albums in our vinyl and CD collections?

Music Chats is a volunteer-run discussion program, designed to give you the opportunity to; discover new music; learn about the history and theory behind some great songs; and chat to other music-lovers! We'll be chatting about a variety of topics, including

  • Music Discovery - general chats, share what you've been enjoying recently, we'll all listen together and find some cool new music
  • Genre-based discussions - one of our volunteers will present a playlist exploring a specific genre or concept, discussing both the music and the sociocultural aspects of the movement
  • Creative sessions - we're planning some fun activities involving music, art, & more!
  • Theory-based discussions - take a bit of a deeper dive into a more technical topic, music theory or music history (but still accessible to non-experts)



If you're interested to help host Music Chats this year, email


There will also be some Discord chats. We'd love for you to join us!



Haven't used discord before? 

  • Use this link to join the SURLY discord channel (it only takes a minutes to create an account if you don't have one!)
  • On the #welcome-and-housekeeping channel, read the intro post "Hello, and welcome to the SURLY discord!"
  • React with a peace sign to show that you agree to the guidelines. Then, like magic, more channels will appear!
  • Check out the #music-chat text chat for updates and general discussion. Make sure to enable notifications for updates about each week's topics, and feel free to ask any questions!
  • When sessions are on, join the 'music chats' voice chat for our weekly sessions. You'll get used to the platform quickly! Usually one of our student facilitators will share their screen to play music, and everyone's welcome to join in, or stay on mute and just listen if you prefer :)

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