Period Positivity at Monash

Monash University has partnered with Asaleo Care and Libra to implement the ‘Period Positivity At Monash’ program at Clayton, Peninsula, Parkville and Caulfield campuses, in the aim to improve menstrual equity and remove stigma associated with periods, and to promote a safe and inclusive environment at Monash.

The initiative has been driven by Dr Victoria Blair from the Faculty of Science in collaboration with the Monash Student Association, University Health Services and Buildings and Property Division, and is being funded by the Campus Community Division.

MSA Women's is proud to have played an important role in bringing this initiative to light. Periods shouldn't be taboo, pose a hurdle in allowing students to access education or increase financial strain. Periods are normal, and for students who menstruate, their lives on campus will hopefully be more normal now too.

‘Period Positivity at Monash’ is designed to provide accessibility to period care products for individuals who require them, with the objective that it leads to positive outcomes in society, from inclusivity and making people feel safe and welcome, to better performance at work or studying.

The Monash trial will run for twelve months. Dispensers providing free pads and tampons have been installed in 30 bathrooms across Clayton, Peninsula, Parkville and Caulfield campuses, at the following locations:

Campbell Hall (Building 89, 24/7 Lab G10)
Campus Centre (Building 10, G21)
Campus Centre (Building 10, 1114, at the gender-neutral toilets)
Central Science Block (Building 19, G09)
Eastern Science Lecture Theatre (Building 35, G03A)
Engineering (Building 60, TL05A)
Green Chemistry (Building 86, G51A)
Hargrave-Andrew Library (Building 30, 210)
IT (Building 26, 24/7 Labs TL02A)
Law (Building 12, G-TL01)
Learning and Teaching (Building 92, G-TL07)
Learning and Teaching (Building 92 G-TL03)
Mathematics (Building 28, G03)
Matheson Library (Building 4, LG-TL04)
Medicine D (Building 13D, DG15)
Menzies (Building 11, WB26)
Monash Sport Swimming Pool (Building 1B, G26)
North-West portables (Building 79P, CG06)
Performing Arts (Building 68, G27)
South Lecture Theatre (Building 64, G06)
Woodside (Building 94, G-TL01, outside of gender-neutral toilets)
Woodside (Building 94, G TL03)

Building E (E1.42)
Library (L103)

402 G29 Scott
401 G12 Sissons

Library (A224)
Building H (H120 - ground)
Building K (K311 - lecture theatre)
Building N (N116)

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