Academic Integrity

I’ve received a Notice of Allegations email or Suspected Breach of Academic Integrity email. What should I do now?

We strongly advise that you book an appointment with us to discuss - and the earlier you do so, the better. We can help you understand the process and prepare your response within the timelines you are given in the email.

The university takes academic integrity extremely seriously. When responding to an allegation of academic misconduct it is very important that you are honest, upfront and reflective. If your conduct was dishonest, and your response to the allegations is also dishonest, this is likely to increase the severity of the penalty that is applied as you have not demonstrated that you have reflected on how your conduct fits within the academic integrity rules at the university. Again, we strongly recommend that you seek our advice prior to responding to the university.

What penalty am I going to get?

If you are found guilty of breaching the university’s academic integrity rules, you could receive one or some of the following penalties:

  • your name may go on the confidential Academic Integrity Warnings Register
  • deduction of marks
  • zero for assessment task
  • zero for unit
  • suspension
  • exclusion

What is academic integrity?

You need to understand what the term ‘plagiarism’ means and what is included (e.g. passing someone else’s work off as if it were your own, as well as re-using your own work). You also need to know what ‘collusion’ is, and what constitutes ‘cheating’.

Every time you submit a piece of work you sign a cover-sheet to confirm that you understand and are following the academic integrity rules at the university. Do you really know what these rules are? Complete the module on academic integrity, and check out these other academic integrity resources on LearnHQ

I’ve received a Notice of Decision, and I am not happy. Can I appeal?

Appeal processes do exist, depending on the grounds for an appeal. Book an appointment and we can discuss further.


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