Leaving Monash

If you have been excluded from your course, Student Advocacy and Support can help you decide what to do next.


Try not to deal with the exclusion on your own. Monash has a free counselling service.


Appeals to the Exclusion Appeals Panel (EAP)

See Student Advocacy and Support immediately

There are only two grounds for appeal:

  • new evidence; &/or
  • procedural irregularity.

International Students

Seek assistance from an International Student Advisor immediately.

Monash Connect, Campus Centre, Ground Floor
Ph: +61 3 9902 6011

If you have withdrawn from your course or you have been excluded you may be able to arrange for a new eCOE at another institution, however there is no guarantee (by the Australian Government) that your Visa will not be affected.

Where a student has been reported (for exclusion) to the relevant department of the Australian Government and then enrols in a new course of study and a new electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Form (eCOE) has been issued (either by Monash or another provider), it is likely that student will be able to continue study in Australia without a visa interruption.

An appeal (to prevent Student Visa cancellation) may be made to the relevant department of the Australian Government. Seek professional advice immediately.

Other courses:

We cannot provide visa advice. If you have visa concerns, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs or the Study Melbourne Hub.

Information about other Institutions

Call the new faculty or school directly because late applications may be possible. Get in contact immediately. Be aware that VTAC has strict cut-off dates for applications.

Career Advice/Job Seeking

Contact Monash University’s Career Connect service for free advice
Ph: (03) 9905 4170
Campus Centre

NB: Please note advice is only available to students in their penultimate or final year.


If you’re receiving a Centrelink allowance you may need to declare your change of circumstance.

Further Assistance

You are invited to make an appointment with Eugene Moore from our office, who has helped many students put the pieces of their lives/plans back together, after exclusion from Monash seems to have broken them up.

Contact Student Advocacy and Support for more information. Make an appointment.

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