Fair Work

Work has become an increasingly important part of the lives of our members and as such, how you are treated at work has become increasingly important to your MSA. Whether you are working to pay the rent or to get the experience you need to be a step ahead of your peers come graduation – a fair day’s work deserves to be recognised with fair pay and fair conditions.

Unfortunately this is not always the case, particularly for our younger students and our international students with visas to study in Australia. Even worse, it has come to our attention that some students working ON CAMPUS are not being fairly compensated in pay and/or entitlements for their labour.

No matter where you work there are laws that protect you and the entitlements available to you. Here are some starters:

  • Employees must be paid the minimum wage. It’s the law. Check your rate here.
  • You are entitled to a higher pay rate if you work more than 38 hours in a week.
  • If you are a casual worker you are entitled to a 25% loading in addition to the minimum wage.
  • International student visa holders are entitled to the SAME PAY as their local colleagues. The only difference is the number of hours you can work.
  • Being asked to ‘trial’ a position for no pay is illegal.

If you work on campus we want to support the businesses that support YOU.

The MSA wants your university experience to be one that takes you positively into your future, and that includes any paid work you do on campus.

For your information, the following businesses* on campus are currently following fair work pay and condition practices:

  • Wholefoods
  • Sir John’s Bar
  • Taste Baguette
  • Monash Club

*If you know otherwise, please let us know. This list will be updated when confirmed knowledge comes to hand.

The Young Workers Centre

The Young Workers Centre is a one-stop-shop for young workers who want to learn more about their rights at work or who need assistance in resolving workplace issues. Our team of lawyers, organisers, educators and researchers seek to empower young people working in Victoria with the knowledge and skills needed to end workplace exploitation and insecurity.

The Young Workers Centre produces resources aimed as assisting young people to understand their rights at work, such as fact sheets, as well as running training days and social events for young people who want to get more involved in the fight for safe and secure jobs. The Centre also provides personalised advice for young people who have come across issues at work such as unfair dismissal, bullying and harassment.


Do you have questions or concerns?

On-Campus Contact:

  • Career Connect
  • Ground Floor, 21 Chancellors Walk, Campus Centre (Opposite Monash Connect)
  • Telephone: +61 3 9905 4170
  • Email: careerconnect@monash.edu

Off-Campus Contact:

The Young Workers Centre

The Fairwork Ombudsman

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