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Keen to sew? Or want to learn? We have two sewing crew options for you. You can either sew with the crew on campus, or sew at home. It’s up to you!


Sewing Projects are designed and selected by student volunteers, and created out of donated surplus materials, such as unused T-shirts, Table cloths, and more!


This program aims to reduce waste, provide a creative outlet for student volunteers, and supply students with functional items for free

Past projects have included:

  • Re-useable face masks
  • Tote Bags
  • Scrunchies
  • Heat packs


What does the Sewing Crew do?
We provide you with instructions, needles and materials and you go home and make all the goodies and bring them back for us to hand out to students.
Can we keep one for ourselves?
Of course! just make sure the rest are returned to be provided to other students for free.
Any requirements?
On Campus Sewing Crew: None! We have leaders who can teach you a thing or two! But we would love to know if you know how to sew or use a sewing machine 🙂
At home: It is recommended that you have an understanding on how to sew as we are not there to help you with your project.

How to get involved:

Sewing crew volunteers are expected to have sewing experience and time to be able to complete the task at hand.
Volunteers will only be expected to make as many as they list in the application below. There will be no pressure to make more, but if volunteers can make more and wish to, then they will be encouraged to.

Step 1: Sign up as an MSA Volunteer and make sure to select Sewing Crew as an interest.

Step 2: Fill out the MSA Sewing Crew – @ Home Sessions  or   Thursday’s Sewing Crew Sessions



I am keen to be a Sewing Crew Leader, what does the position entail?
  • Researching and looking for the best ways to sew projects
  • Host working bees
  • Motivate the crew to complete the task at hand and return the goodies.
  • Repeat



What do I have to do to demonstrate my interest as a Sewing Crew Leader?

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