Wellness Challenge

The MSA Wellness Challenge is a 21 day exercise that cultivates healthy and positive lifestyle behaviours, such as working out, eating healthy, and taking time for your mental health.

2023 Wellness Challenges
Semester 1 Challenge: Week 3-5
Semester 2 Challenge : Week 3-5 (TBA)

Each participant will select 1 Daily challenge, and one Major challenge, to complete within the 3 weeks

Daily Challenges include:

  • Sleep for 8+ hours per night
  • Drink 2 Litres of water daily
  • 10,000 Steps a day
  • Note down 5 things you are grateful for each day
  • 30 minutes of meditation per day
  • 30 minutes of listening to only music per day (no multitasking)
  • Make Bed each morning
  • Send encouraging or gratitude related messages to yourself or others daily

Major Challenges include:

  • Switching off social media for 24 hours
  • Declutter a physical space (eg, bedroom, study space, kitchen cupboard)
  • Declutter an online space (unsubscribing to spam mail, removing/organising read mail, organising digital files, etc.)
  • Attend an MSA Art Class
  • 5km Walk
  • 2km Run

Or, come up with a challenge of your own!

Students will join a facebook group to stay connected, keep each other accountable and support each other through the challenge weeks

Register for a challenge here!

This service is brought to you by the MSA Welfare Warriors, an MSA Volunteering leadership program.

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