MUST Season Launch Party!

MUST Season Launch Party!

Thursday 3rd March (Week One)
Doors open @ 6pm, Entertainment from 6.30pm

The MUST Space - Ground Floor, West, Campus Centre 21 Chancellors Walk, Monash Clayton.

Free registration here!

In 2019 MUST Launch was Under the Sea. 2020 was [REDACTED]. 2021 took us to an Enchanted Bush. And in 2022… we’re donning our crowns and sceptres. Royalty: from Versailles to Lil Nas X, ‘POSE’ to Barbie: Princess and the Pauper...

Whatever ‘Royalty’ means to you, come dressed to the nines (not compulsory) ready to celebrate each other and the year ahead.
We’ll be celebrating the MUST 2022 Season, chatting with creatives and team members, finding about opportunities, making new friends, enjoying live music, and boogying our invisible socks off.

The future has to be bright and resplendent; we’re the monarchs heralding a new reign - but like… let's also return all those artefacts from the museums, right?

The MUST bar will be open and we'll have very affordable food and drinks on offer.

All are welcome!

Produced by Ryan Hamilton and Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Designed by Geo Valentine, Event image by Geo Valentine.

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