Balloons, Bears and Brawls

The 2022 MUST Beginners and International Student Program cohort present their Public Performance Showcase – live in person again after two years online!

Enquiries: Yvonne Virsik (e)

Thurs 29 & Fri 30 September & Sat 1 October, 7.30pm [80 mins]

In The MUST Space: Grnd Flr West, Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk, Monash Clayton (see google maps pin)

The MUST bar will be open for shows!
Bookings opening soon via:

Tickets: $8 MSA plus | $10 Conc. | $12 A collection of stories about wrestling for control and struggling for freedom in the strangest of places. From black comedies to poignant drama; from Mars in 200 years time to Paris 200 years ago, to right here, right now; our characters strive to forge a future they can call their own.

A handmaid recalls when everything changed.
A human trains an AI.
With 10 minutes left to live, a lover decides to go it alone.
Gwendolen and Cecily discover they are engaged to the same man.
A hamster in an air balloon dreams of being a lemming.
And Sherilynn REALLY doesn’t want to work Mondays.
Come support the group, many of whom are performing for the first time, and enjoy fascinating scenes from a diverse range of great playwrights!

Content Notes: Strong language. Adult themes including sexual assault, abuse, and mental illness.

Presented by Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST), a department of the Monash Student Association (MSA).

Program facilitator and Director: Stephanie Dimitriou (Semester 1); Yvonne Virsik (Semester 2)
Assistant facilitators: Ruby Mattingley and Dhruvi Shah
Directors: Amanda Dhammanarachchi, Ruby Mattingley, Dhruvi Shah and Yvonne Virsik
Costume Support from: Kristine Roque

Performed by: Amna Bin Hammad, Anushka Mirchandani, Lekha Chandralekha, Mohamed Ibrahim Orabi, Abigail Oh, Sherilynn Long, Gregorius Young, Marissa Chen, Johnathan Zheng, Maleesha Gunaratne, Rachael Lambden, Soundarya Chandrasekar and Alvin Fung.

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