The 2023 MUST O-Show – The Indiana JO-Show

Free 50 min shows throughout O-Week: 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 3.30pm
Are you a new explorer in the Lost City of Monash? So is rugged archaeologist Indiana Jones. This vine-swingin’, fast-talkin’, campus-informin’ spoof will tell you everything you wanted to know about life at uni. It’s created for students by students – and it won’t cost you a single crystal skull.


The MUST Space on the West side of Campus Centre,
Enter through the outside door just across from the Menzies building
No need register in the O-Planner, just join the queue outside the theatre door.
Written by Elly D’Arcy, Music by Alana Dare, Directed by Bella Kourdoulos, Produced by Ryan Kepper


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