Applying for Working with Children Checks


If you wish to be part of the MSA Volunteering team, you must have a Working With Children Check (WWCC). This is a requirement due to the diverse nature of the Monash community. Applying for a volunteer WWCC is free.

You can apply for a WWCC by submitting an online application through the WWCC website. Part of the application process requires proof of identity so make sure you have identity documents like your birth certificate, immigration card, passport or student ID readily available.

Already have an active WWCC?

Please sign in through the WWCC and register MSA and Monash University as additional organisations.


Online Application steps

Step 1: Verifying your ID

  • This can be done online, or in person at a Post Office
  • Select how you would like to verify your ID (Don't have the the required documents? Please FAQ see below)

Step 2: Application type

  • Select Volunteer (this is a free check, to be used for volunteer work only)
  • If you already have an Employee WWCC or are required to get one for your work, this is also valid for volunteering work

Steps 3 & 4: Your details

  • Fill in your personal and contact details

Step 5: Organisation details

  • Fill in MSA’s details as follows:
    Organisation Name: Monash Student Association Inc. – MSA Volunteering
    Postal Address: Level 1, Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk
    Suburb: Clayton
    State: Victoria
    Postcode: 3800
    Phone: 0399058178

Step 5 continued: Occupational fields

  • Select occupational fields 42 & 52 – and also 10 for Trips & Events program volunteers.

Steps 6 & 7: Check your details and submit your application


What next?

You will be sent information on how to finalise your application if you need to confirm your identity in person or get a photo taken at a Post office

In a few weeks, the Department Of Justice will inform you and the Volunteer Coordinator whether your WWCC was successful. If you do not receive a WWCC during this time, please contact the Department Of Justice and please notify the MSA Volunteer Coordinator about the delay.



I don't have all the ID documents listed for the online application, what do I do?

Please contact Working With Children Victoria directly, as only they can advise what alternative forms of ID they will accept for your application.

You can contact them via phone, mail, or online enquiry, through the Contact Us page of their website

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