What is MSA Volunteering?

MSA Volunteering is a department
of the MSA dedicated to facilitating volunteer experiences. We run volunteer programs and services based on student needs and interests with a focus on improving the student

experience. Our volunteer opportunities are designed to develop your personal and practical skills while having fun, meeting new people and taking a break from your studies.

When you volunteer with the MSA, you are not only helping the Monash student community but you are also helping yourself.

For a full list of the benefits, head to the benefits of volunteering page.


All Monash students can volunteer for us. Monash College students are able to volunteer for a select number of programs.

Additional volunteer requirements

What does volunteer work involve?

There are three main types of activities that students can engage with: tasks, positions and committee/collective membership. All three types of volunteer contributions are eligible to receive reward points through our reward program.

Applying to be a volunteer

Applying is as simple as filling in the application form. Once you’ve submitted an application, you are automatically accepted as an MSA volunteer. You will receive emails based on the list of programs you nominate in your application.

For a full list of programs, check out the Volunteer Programs page or download the MSA Volunteering manual.

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