All Leadership & Volunteering Programs

Activism (Volunteer Genre)

If you're interested in participating in social justice initiatives, simply check the box labeled 'activism' on your volunteer application form. Your contact information will then be forwarded to the Environmental and Social Justice Office Bearers, who will reach out to you when they require support in raising student awareness.

Acts of Kindness (Program)

This team offers acts of kindness three times during the semester. Volunteers distribute complimentary flowers and candy bags containing encouraging messages such as "You've got this!"

Academic Progress Committee (APC) Volunteers (Program)

Student representatives who volunteer for the Academic Progress Committee (APC) actively engage in Academic Progress Reviews. This volunteer role is demanding and requires resilience.

Administrational Tasks & Data Entry (Genre)

Several departments within the MSA need support with data entry and administrative tasks. Additionally, many students seek or would benefit from gaining office administration experience before graduating. This is a highly sought-after opportunity and can be either a one-time commitment or a weekly shift.

Art Committee (Program)

A collective of students passionate about visual arts and crafts collaborates to offer art classes, drawing sessions, student exhibitions, competitions, gallery crawls, and various creative events.

They host Art Classes every Friday 12-2pm (weeks 1-10) and drawing classes periodically throughout each semester.

Ask Me Ambassadors (Program)

Ask Me ambassadors staff our information booths and conduct campus tours. They can be easily identified by their Volunteering hoodies or t-shirts. Whether you're lost or simply want to chat, these ambassadors are here to assist you.

Breakfast Club

The MSA Breakfast Club provide free breakfast weekly during the semester. They feed all students: meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

Campus Tours (Program)

Our campus tour volunteers are highly sought after during week 0 of each semester. They receive training and are provided with detailed maps, routes, and stop information to ensure the tours run smoothly. When a faculty or Monash group requests a campus tour for their students, we contact volunteers from the Ask Me program and those enthusiastic about providing campus tour experiences to fellow students.

Crochet Crew (Program)

The Crochet Crew is a weekly session led by a host and co-host, where students can join to learn new crochet skills or create items. These items are then distributed by MSA Volunteers during welfare handouts.

MSA Volunteer Departmental Committee/Collective Membership

  • Environmental & Social Justice Collective
  • Indigenous Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Women's Affairs Collective
  • Queer Affairs Collective
  • MUISS Committee

Note: All Department committee/collective links will forward you to the MSA Office Bearer responsible for said committee/collective.

Events and Activities (Volunteer Genre)

MSA Departments, Faculties, and Monash may seek volunteer assistance for various events and activities. Tasks may involve setup and packdown, managing information booths, and distributing pamphlets.

  • Major Events (MSA Event Launches, Winter Fest, Open Day, etc.): Volunteers who opt for Major Events will be notified about significant MSA and CCD events such as Winterfest, AXP, and Open Day.
  • Wednesday Sessions: Wednesday Session volunteers support the MSA Creative and Live Arts Department by assisting with BBQs and entertainment on the Lemon Scented Lawns every Wednesday during the semester.

Free Food Mondays (Program)

The MSA Welfare department seeks volunteers every Monday afternoon and evening to assist with preparing, cooking, distributing, and cleaning for Free Food Mondays. This service offers a vegetarian dinner to over 150 students each week. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Freebies Team (Program)

hort on cash? No worries! MSA Freebies has got you covered with everything from food to goodies, events to giveaways, all available for free on campus. Our Freebies volunteers, known as Editors, curate and moderate content posted on the MSA Freebie Facebook and Instagram pages weekly during the semester.

Check out what our volunteer do here on Instagram & Facebook 

Food Welfare: Fresh Food Handout (Program)

Volunteers for the fresh food handout program assist in distributing free groceries to students every two weeks throughout the semester. They aid in setting up, packing down, and ensuring equitable distribution to all participants.

Food Welfare: Take Home Meals (Program)

The Take Home Meals initiative entails volunteers preparing cooked meals, placing them in sustainable containers, and distributing them from our communal food welfare fridge four times per semester.

Food Welfare: Weekly Refrigerator Food Provision (Program)

The Weekly Refrigerator Food Provision program, in collaboration with Food Bank Victoria and Foodfilled, is overseen by the volunteering department. We distribute free groceries twice a week from the refrigerator during semester.

Industry-related Off-Campus Volunteering

MSA Volunteering is now working with non-for profit organisations to provide Monash Students with off-campus industry-related volunteer opportunities. Please check in with this website periodically throughout the year for new and exciting opportunities that will help build your resume and develop your professional skills.

MSA InstaCook (Program)

MSA InstaCook Instagram Editors are volunteers responsible for crafting content and sharing recipes and cooking tips on the MSA InstaCook Instagram Page.

InstaCook Cooking Classes (Program)

Led by a volunteer leader and supported by co-hosts and volunteer helpers, we conduct cooking classes three times per semester.

Internships and Department Experience (Program)

MSA offers a number of internships and department experiences in the following MSA Departments:

  • Auditing & Finance Volunteer Monash University Student Theatre (MUST)
  • Volunteer to the Artistic Director Monash University Student Theatre (MUST)
  • Volunteer in PR & Marketing Monash University Student Theatre (MUST)
  • MTPD Office Administration & Marketing Volunteer

Students who apply for MSA Work Placements & Internships must be enrolled into a placement unit. The following programs are available to these students:

  • Auditing & Finance Intern Monash University Student Theatre (MUST) - Business Faculty Approved
  • Volunteer to the Artistic Director Monash University Student Theatre (MUST) - Performance Arts School Approved
  • Volunteer in PR & Marketing Monash University Student Theatre (MUST) - Performance Arts School Approved

Language Classes (Program)

Volunteers facilitate language classes and conversational practice sessions weekly from weeks 1 to 10 during the semester.

Life Hacks (Program)

Volunteer editors are responsible for creating and posting content on the MSA LifeHacks Instagram page.

Lot’s Wife Contributors (Program)

Lot's Wife is the student magazine of Monash University's Clayton campus. All contributors, including writers, photographers, graphic designers, and artists, are students. Lot's Wife is published during the university semester and welcomes contributions from all students.

Please note: Volunteers who express interest in Lot's Wife via the MSA Volunteer Application will have their email addresses forwarded to the Lot's Wife editors. All communication regarding Lot's Wife will be conducted by the LW Editors.

Mature Age and Part Time Students (MAPS) (Volunteer Genre)

Volunteers who indicate an interest in MAPS on their application form will have their contact details forwarded to the MAPS executive team. These volunteers will support MAPS by assisting with events, services, activities, and promotional events.

Mindful Colouring (Program)

Volunteers lead one-hour sessions of mindful coloring, incorporating 15 minutes of mindful meditation.

Motivational Emails (Program)

Volunteers compile weekly emails containing motivational words and images, which are then sent to students who have subscribed to receive them.

MTPD Basic Computer Skills Tutoring (Program)

Student volunteers help MTPD students with how to use a computer, from browsing the internet to using word processor.

MTPD Learning, Literacy and Numeracy Tutoring (Program)

Student volunteers help MTPD students with basic learning, literacy and numeracy in their assessments and readings.

MTPD Trainee Teacher Observers (Program)

Student volunteers assist trainee teachers by observing presentations and providing feedback.

MUISS (International Student Service) (Volunteer Genre)

Volunteers who add MUISS as a volunteer interest will have their contact details sent to MUISS.

Volunteers will assist with MUISS events, services, activities and promotional events.

MUST (Monash University Student Theatre) (Program)

MUST is dedicated to nurturing your creative or technical growth. Various opportunities are accessible, including positions as actors, directors, writers, production managers, artists, set designers, and lighting designers. Please note: Volunteers expressing interest in MUST via the MSA Volunteer Application will have their email addresses forwarded to the MUST Artistic Directors. All communication regarding MUST will be conducted by the Artistic Director.

Paparazzi/Social Media Creators (Program)

Volunteer photographers help us capture MSA events and activities on and off campus. Volunteers are also encouraged to take photos of club and society events and Monash events on campus. The purpose of the group is to show off our amazing student community. Volunteers are required to provide photos to MSA and on Instagram.

Monash Permaculture Garden (Program)

The Monash Permaculture Garden serves as both a learning and teaching environment, where students engage in hands-on learning experiences. Volunteers cultivate produce, upkeep the space, and contribute surplus goods to the food welfare refrigerator for students to benefit from.

Monthly Poster Runners (Program)

Volunteers put up posters on posterboards around Clayton campus to inform students about MSA programs and services.

Pre-Orientation & Orientation Events (Volunteer Genre)

Volunteers who add Pre-Orientation & Orientation Events as a volunteer interest will be contacted when events occur during this period of the year. We recommend listing this as an interest if you are interested in volunteering for non-semester periods.

Radio Monash (Program)

Radio Monash is the Monash University Student Radio station, volunteer positions vary from radio host to event volunteer.

Note: Volunteers who display interest in RadMon through the MSA Volunteer Application, will have their email sent to the RadMon Committee. All contact regarding RadMon will then be made by the RadMon Committee.

Res Food Drop (Program)

Now part of the MSA welfare service, Res Food Drop is where volunteers hand out pre-made meals to residential students periodically throughout the semester.

Sewing Crew (Program)

Sewing crew are a group of like minded volunteers who make items out of recycled materials for MSA Welfare initiatives to hand out to students. Items include heat packs, masks, bags and pencil cases. Student volunteers can partake during weekly on campus sessions or from home.

Student Budget Service (Program)

Volunteers of the SBS host one on one appointments to help students with their fortnightly or weekly budget. Volunteers are expected to provide 5 hours a week of availability for online or on campus appointments.

SURLY programs (Program)

The Student Union Recreational Library (SURLY) run a variety of volunteer programs:

  • MSA Book Club
  • SURLY Archiving & History
  • SURLY Beyond the Book Webinars
  • SURLY Collection Researcher
  • SURLY Community Engagement
  • SURLY General Library Volunteers
  • SURLY Socials
  • SURLY Winter Reading Challenge (WRC)

Study Buddy (Program)

Study Buddy is operated by a team of virtual volunteers who actively advocate for study buddy pairs or groups among faculties and students during the study season. This program operates entirely in a virtual environment.

Tax Help (Program)

Working with the Australian Tax Office, the program will select and train volunteers to assist students with lodging their tax return. The program will run from the 1st of July until the 30th of October each year. We require students to book an appointment.

Trips/International Welcome Events (Program)

Volunteers help run day trips to various locations around Victoria. Trips are an opportunity for students to meet each other while taking in some of Victoria's tourist destinations.

Trips and Events (Program)

MSA Trips and Events is a leadership and orientation program that was established in 1974. The program runs during non-semester periods and includes events like scavenger hunts, moonlight cinemas and Victoria based day trips. We are looking for leaders who wish to help new students socialise and find their feet, while also developing new skills and building social networks of their own.

Virtual Volunteering (Program)

For volunteers who are interested in something a little different that MSA Leadership & Volunteerind endorses:

Volunteer Lounge Maintenance (Program)

Volunteers help tidy and maintain the shared MSA Volunteer Lounge space on a weekly basis.

Walking Group (Program)

Volunteers host weekly walking groups around campus.

Wednesday Sessions (Program)

MSA hosts a weekly BBQ and musical event for 6 weeks of the semester on Wednesday afternoons. Volunteers help with all aspects of this event and we adore them for their efforts.

Welfare on Wheels (Program)

Student volunteers and our library trolleys full of goodies cruise around study areas offering snacks, stationary and stress relief suggestions during Week 12 and SWOTVAC

Welfare Warriors (Program)

Welfare Warriors is one of our largest leadership programs here at MSA Leadership and Volunteering. This team of leaders host and co host various welfare initiatives around MSA. They host programs such as Acts of Kindness, MSA Fresh, MSA Life Hacks, Motivational Emails, MSA Walking Group, and the Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge (Program)

Volunteers motivate participants who wish to make positive lifestyle changes through a 3-week Wellness challenge.

Wholefoods Restaurant and Cafe (Program)

Wholefoods is a non-for-profit restaurant and cafe that relies on volunteers for all things hospitality and customer service.

Yoga Classes (Program)

Volunteer Yoga instructors run weekly yoga classes for students on campus and over Zoom.




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